TR6: The Karmann Style

Triumph TR6In order to boost the sales of the TR, the engineers at Triumph started looking to redesign the bodywork. Unfortunately they only had a limited budget. Their house designer Michelotti was busy with other projects, and so they went to the German designer Karmann. The interior remained identical to the TR5 and TR250, and consequently that of the TR4 and TR4A. The doors and windscreen also remained unchanged. However Karmann redesigned the front, wings and the boot compartment, therefore giving the impression of a brand new model at a very low cost. The wheel rim width was increased to 5.5”. An anti-roll bar was fitted standard to the front suspension and a new one piece hard top was available. The engine was the well-known 6 cylinder, with a capacity of 2498 cc. At first the manufactured cars between 1969 and 1972 produced 150 PS, the same as the TR5. From 1973 due to improvements in the engine smoothness the performance was reduced to 124 PS. From May 1973 it was no longer possible to have the optional spoked wheels. The TR6 was till 1976 by far the most bought TR model.

From November 1968 till July 1976 94’619 cars were manufactured including the carburetor version sold in the USA.


TR6 "US-Version": A strangled TR6

Triumph TR6 USAThe TR250 sold only in North American ceased production. The TR6 still without the fuel injection, and with the 6 cylinder engine fitted with twin carburetors could only produce 104 PS the same as the TR250 and  the 4 cylinder TR4A. Through the 7 years of producing this model, it was constantly having to be adapted to the restrictive Emission laws. During this time the gearbox and overdrive was modified. There were also changes to the exterior; a plastic front spoiler, seats fitted with headrests, various badges, stick-on logos and the unsightly bumper horns. The production ceased at the Triumph TR factory in Coventry in July 1976.

Production of cars started in November 1968 and ended in July 1976. There were no records as to how many of these TR6 cars fitted with carburetors were delivered.