TR5: The first 6 cylinder TR

Triumph TR5More than 152’000 cars were fitted with the sturdy 4 cylinder engine, originally used in the1945-46 Standard Vanguard. Triumph needed more performance to sell its cars. The TR was now to be fitted with an in-line 6 cylinder engine, with a bore and stroke of 74.7mm and 95mm and producing a capacity of 2498 cc. Triumph TR5Together with an intake-manifold fuel injection from Lucas produced no less than 150 PS. The bodywork remained the same as the TR4 and TR4A, allowing the same body tooling to be used without changes. The chassis was identical to the TR4A with only minor modifications to suit the longer engine. The rear suspension had to be strengthened because of the increased performance. The maximum speed reached 190 Km/h and the improved acceleration led to an increase in fuel consumption. Spoked wheels were again offered as an option as was the overdrive and the “Surrey Top”. The TR5 was only manufactured for 15 months and is the most rarest and most sought after TR model.

From October 1967 till November 1968 2’947 cars were manufactured.


TR250 : An environmentally friendly TR5

Triumph TR250The North America market was very important for Triumph. Unfortunately the 6 cylinder engine in the TR5 with its Lucas fuel injection did not meet the local environment regulations, especially those in California who had the strictest regulations. The decision was taken to fit the existing engine with twin Stromberg carburetors. The solution was inexpensive and clean, but the performance was drastically reduced. The 6 cylinder now produced no more than 104 PS, exactly the same as the old 4 cylinder could produce. The chassis and suspension remained the same as the TR4A and TR5 with IRS. The bodywork also remained the same except for the special emblems across the bonnet and the coloured stripes added to the front wings. The radiator grill was the same as the TR5, as was the “Rostyle” hubcaps.

From August 1967 till December 1968 8’484 cars were manufactured and all for the North American market.