TR2: Belgrove Design

Triumph TR2Triumph TR2 cockpitThe suspension of the prototype was discarded and redesigned after development engineer Ken Richardson (ex BRM) was hired. He had criticised the poor handling and described the vehicle as a deathtrap. The problems were rectified in the winter of 1952-53. As a result the maximum speed was increased from 90 to 105 mph (145 to 170 km/h). The rear end was reworked and a boot compartment with a lid was added. The first public presentation was at the Geneva Car Show in March of 1953.

The first of the TR2 cars left the production line at Canley in August of 1953. The engine had the same capacity as the TS 20 but the transmission had an overdrive as an optional extra. Both front and rear axles were fitted with drum brakes. The cost increased from £595 in January 1954 to £625 in October of 1954, not inclusive of sales tax. Never the less the Roadster was in great demand because at the time it was low priced, had lower running costs and offered more performance and was immediately deliverable.

From July 1953 till October 1955, 8’628 vehicles were manufactured.