About us

The aim of the Swiss TR-Club is to maintain the restauration, maintenance and preservation of the historic Triumph vehicles (in particularly the TR models). In addition the club has a very active social commitment including weekend drives and many other associated activities.

Non-members are also welcome to our regional club meetings and are welcome to participate in any of the club drive events. You will get to know us personally and perhaps you will be tempted to become a member (you do not have to be an owner of a Triumph).

The club has following words printed on their Banner:

  • To promote sociality through various events throughout the year.
  • Sharing know-how and experiences at the monthly regional meetings.
  • Advice from our experienced Technical Staff. Help involved in acquiring parts from Spare Parts Suppliers and Garage Owners, who are also members of the Swiss TR-Club (see Links).
  • Restauration, preservation and maintenance of all Triumph vehicles.
  • Cultivate contact to other similar foreign Clubs.


The history of the Club

In 2015 our club celebrated its 40th anniversary!

Due to the lack of spare parts (the availability in Switzerland was becoming rare) a group of Triumph fans decided in 1975 to start a TR Register. Interest appeared not to be a problem, with 15 club associated members joining at the beginning and in the first year a total of 60 members had joined the club.


Renaming the Club

The original close relationship to the English TR-Register had over the time noticeably declined. Additionally the Swiss TR fans were finding the benefit more over less useful. So that the ever growing self-dependence resulted in a renaming of the Swiss Association into “The Swiss TR-Club” (from 2018: "Swiss TR-Club").