The history of the Club

In 2015 our club celebrated its 40th anniversary!

Due to the lack of spare parts (the availability in Switzerland was becoming rare) a group of Triumph fans decided in 1975 to start a TR Register. Interest appeared not to be a problem, with 15 club associated members joining at the beginning and in the first year a total of 60 members had joined the club.


Renaming the Club

The original close relationship to the English TR-Register had over the time noticeably declined. Additionally the Swiss TR fans were finding the benefit more over less useful. So that the ever growing self-dependence resulted in a renaming of the Swiss Association into the “The Swiss TR-Club”.


The purpose

The club has following words printed on their Banner:

  • To promote sociality through various events throughout the year.
  • Sharing know-how and experiences at the monthly regional meetings (7 Divisions at the moment).
  • Advice from our experienced Technical Staff. Help involved in acquiring parts from Spare Parts Suppliers and Garage Owners, who are also members of the Swiss TR-Club (see Links).
  • Restauration, preservation and maintenance of all Triumph vehicles.
  • Cultivate contact to other similar foreign Clubs.