Club Events

Drive of the Swiss TR ClubsThe Executive Committee presents every year a full program of events. These events should raise the heartbeat of every TR Member. The year begins with a “Warm Up” in the Spring, followed by BBQ Grills, Mountain Pass drives etc. etc… (see Agenda for more info).

The Event repertoire would not be complete without the Santa Claus Winter evening, or our technical workshops. The interest in visiting the many different Museums, Car Repair/Restauration Workshops and the yearly visit to the European TR-Meeting (organized each year by a different TR-Register Club).

Not to mention the many excursions to the meetings abroad, and naturally the British Car Meeting BCM held in Switzerland which is organized entirely from a group of dedicated Club members. (further information available below).

All of our Events are organized from our club members and so have a particular charm for all of us TR fans.


The British Car Meeting (BCM)

The climax of every enthusiast for english classic cars is naturally the BCM ( The opportunity tells a story of the varied most important English classics. Here you will find many interesting models and like-minded people.

British Car Meeting